urbanización en los menores, costa adeje

Jardines de Adeje

MÁIS will shortly be embarking on an ambitious project, affecting more than 66,000 m2 and involving the urbanisation of the existing district known as “Los Menores”. A new space that will substantially improve the living conditions in this neighbourhood, conserving and further improving its current attractions, in particular the natural setting and magnificent views.

The development will include a residential area with all the amenities and services to make life easier and more comfortable for all.

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Three founding principles



(Building Research Establishment
Environmental Asaessment Methodology)

Phase two has been designed in accordance with BREEAM certificate recommendations for urban design. Urbanisation plans that receive this certification guarantee the creation of a sustainable community based on criteria that go beyond the current legal requirements.

Environmental Product

This project seeks to secure environmental, social and economic benefits for the community, through the use of building solutions and materials that are locally sourced or hold an “Environmental Product Declaration”.

All the paving materials selected for this phase meet this criterion.


All the supra-municipal infrastructure networks are now in place. Of particular note are those for the use of fossil and desalinated water. The development will be connected to the island’s network of regulating reservoirs, guaranteeing the safe supply of all the necessary services, especially water.

A park,

the focal point of the entire project.

The neighbourhood will be completely transformed whilst guaranteeing the utmost respect for the environment.

The rehabilitation work will convert the area into a park with increasing areas of vegetation, paths and multi-purpose spaces. A sustainable living park that blends into the surrounding scenery, featuring autochthonous vegetation that will intensify the landscape.

The park layout will comprise small squares connected along five clearly differentiated areas.




The new development will take advantage of its prime location to offer residents and visitors a number of viewpoints (designed to be a paradigm of accessibility) that afford views of some of the island’s finest landscapes and its matchless sunsets. Some of the most beautiful in the world.

An oasis
of vegetation

Jardines de Adeje will feature spaces and amenities that will allow everyone to take advantage of the communal areas, regardless of their age and physical condition, enabling them to enjoy all the benefits of the magnificent climate and find shade in the specially designated spaces.

A sustainable

During the transformation process, particular attention will be paid to the question of sustainability, including paving and lighting solutions and the use of locally sourced, eco-friendly materials as well as autochthonous vegetation.

Three features


The entrance to a prime location

A new roundabout with a change of material indicates a reduced speed zone for road traffic and the start of the priority area for pedestrians. From here, we enter first parking area in Jardines de Adeje, which will group vehicles together to prevent them from parking in the streets.

This is the start of the cycle lane that leads down to the central area of the park. Two tall ficus trees next to the bus stop indicate the entrance to the first rest area with views.

or the best views

Viewpoints have been planted in order to enjoy the area’s magnificent scenery and from which to admire all the beauty and calm tranquillity of this privileged setting.

This viewpoint ventures furthest into the natural space. Overlooking the ravine, it has two separate areas: the access structure (ramp and steps) and the viewpoint itself.

This viewpoint features an upper section and wooden deck affording views of the sea, and another section that hugs the cliff edge, with a tiered seating area from which to admire the views. Access to the viewpoint is via a zigzag ramp, adapted for persons with reduced mobility, together with a central stairway that crosses the ramp.

A two-storey viewpoint has been designed to take advantage of the natural slope of the street. The upper section is the lookout area and is for pedestrians only, whilst the lower section is the development’s main car park.

On entering the area, the first two squares in the park are raised in order to take advantage of the terrain’s natural unevenness, creating terraced rest areas overlooking the park and the sea.

A central park, the heart of the project

Here we find the main areas that form a network of human-scaled spaces that create a range of settings for different uses and moods.

This is located in the centre of the square, well away from road traffic. Recycled rubber flooring in various colours will be used to create forms and shapes. It is designed to blend in naturally with the essence of the park.

This is situated next to the children’s play area. Access is via the main path. A large, leafy (bay) tree will be planted to provide shade for this activity area.

The park layout consists of a succession of three small squares with the same structure. The central part is occupied by fountains and the outer section by planters that incorporate seats facing the central fountain with water plants, generating a constant and relaxing sound of flowing water. The trees in the planters provide shade, forming an intimate space for resting, reading, relaxing and listening.

Jardines de Adeje will include another two parking areas, located located in the upper access areas in order to minimise traffic in the more pedestrian area of the park. In both areas, solar trees will provide shade, and together with the car park, will allow the charging of electric cars, motorbikes and bicycles, as well as supplying the fountains with power.

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