“We create unique locations for living where people can enjoy the quality they have dreamed of in a truly prime location. This is the true essence of luxury”

José María Rodríguez Santalices


Máis was founded in 2012 by the company’s CEO, José Rodríguez María Santalices. Following a period as the Managing Director of GALISIM (part of the Congalsa Group), he embarked on a new venture, searching for building land. The result was the acquisition of land in Teo (Galicia) and on two sites in Adeje (Tenerife) for the development of two projects: the redevelopment of the UA3 in the district of Los Menores and a seafront residential development in Rocabella.

The importance of teamwork

This led to a capital increase and the incorporation of a building partner that now forms part of the company’s organisational structure. This latest venture is endorsed by our long-standing experience.

At MÁIS Inmobiliaria we have built up a team of outstanding professionals with proven expertise in their field of specialisation. A team with more than 25 years’ experience in the property sector, capable of facing the paradigm shift that is transforming the way businesses are run. They are now increasingly human, caring and sustainable.

Right from the start

At Máis Inmobiliaria we cover all phases of the development project, starting with the land management and the integral urban design of the space where the homes will be built. This enables us to tailor the project to meet the needs of the end client and apply measures that will contribute value to the homes: the finest green areas, a more comprehensive range of services and urban actions that guarantee sustainability…


Our projects are innovative and committed to blending in with their surroundings and strengthening the existing ties with the area. Our Breeam certification ensures integrating architecture that consistently aspires to minimising the environmental impact and maximising quality of life.

Sea views

We choose the best orientation and matchless views for the homes we design. Large windows overlooking the sea that make for interior-exterior spaces that are ideal for living in a location that boasts a perfect year-round climate.


We always choose the best orientation and opt
for energy-efficient building materials. Homes that offer the finest architectural and functional values. Finishes and an increased use of natural materials that cater to modern-day demands and allow for a delightfully relaxed and easy-going lifestyle.


Quality and design, efficiency and sustainability make our projects a safe investment. The views, light, functionality and attention to detail are our only extravagances. They are our non-negotiables. They are our non-negotiables.

Máis is an investment in an exceptional home,
an investment in quality of life.

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